What does our design process look like?

Much thought and preparation goes into creating the prefect design for my clients. There are so many options from which to choose and so many details to think about.  It can become overwhelming, and what seemed in the beginning to be fun and exciting, can easily derail to difficult and frustrating.  This the very reason it is best to seek a professional.  I step in during the fun and exciting stage and keep it that way throughout the whole process! I love to sit down with each client and discuss how they plan to use their new kitchen, with functionality and storage as top priorities for the design.  The most important thing I do for my clients is LISTEN to what they need and how they want their dream kitchen to flow.  Every kitchen is different in so many aspects from color and style, to functionality.  But one  thing remains common in every kitchen; it is the heart of the home and is worthy of a great design!